Compact Crane Hire

Check out our Hoeflon C6 compact Crane
Compact Crane Hire

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We have in our own fleet a Hoeflon C6 compact Crane. Multifunctional, robust and very simple operation – thats the C6 compact crane in a nutshell. It’s a best seller in the mini-crane category. This crane is ideal for placing glass and accurately positioning steel beams. It’s the only compact crane that can lift more than it’s own weight. This makes it possible for one crane to lower another into an underground space.

  • An easy to use, wirelessly remote controlled machine
  • Transportable with our own 3.5 tonne truck & plant trailer
  • 230V electric motor or diesel powered
  • Very low machine weight with high hoisting capacity
  • The machine can be operational at 16 metres within 3 minutes

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